High School Showcase is a presentation of high school football & high school basketball on SC, SC-2 & SC-U. The official name is Old Spice High School Showcase presented by Honda. Since debuting in 2004, it primarily airs on Fridays @ 8:00 PM ET on SC-U, following SC-U Recruiting Insider, but will occasionally air @ various times & days on SC & SC-2. In 2005, the game was called Old Spice Red Zone High School Showcase.

Old Spice High School Showcase aired only 4 games in 2005, but after much success SC expanded it's schedule to a full 13 game season. Part of what lead SC to expanding it's schedule is in 2005, SC aired the highest rated high school football game in TV history. Nease High School (Florida) vs. Hoover High School (Alabama) garnered a 1.0 rating & attracted nearly 1 million households.

Old Spice High School Showcase started to air high school basketball games in 2006, as well

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