Gooding is a rock musician/composer. His music was first heard on The Weather Channel on November 2008.


  • Rock
  • Roots/Americana


  • Buffalo
  • Sky Eats the Land
  • The Return
  • Winter's Return
  • Songs for Grey Days
  • Breaks & Breakdowns
  • Clap if You Love Vampires
  • To Kiss to Kill
  • 3X

Songs heard on TWCEdit

  • A Loss of Word
  • Bruiseface
  • Bite Back
  • Cathedrals
  • Distance to the Sun
  • For Love
  • Freeze
  • Love Clears the Way
  • Plurality
  • Station
  • Two Masters, One Muse
  • Visting
  • Winter's Return
  • Montana Girl

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