Florida's News Channel was a regional news channel seen on selected cable systems (mainly those owned by Comcast) in September of 1998. It originated from Florida's state capitol, Tallahassee, Florida @ studios remodeled from a former movie theater. The network was run by Mike Vasilinda. The network used a rolling 24-hour news format with some special shows such as the Mike Vasilinda report.

The station relied on a virtual, chromakey-based set, which can be used to represent FNC's "bureaus" in various parts of Florida—all from it's Tallahassee home base.

The network folded in 2003, as FNC's funds dried out & they were unable to get carriage on major cable systems in the state's largest markets, especially on Bright House systems in Tampa Bay (Bay News 9) & Orlando (Central Florida News 13). Even Comcast's Sarasota system had their own news channel, SNN Local News 6.

Today, FNC's former studios is now used for a local CBS affiliate, WCTV

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