This playlist started on February 4, 2008. Ended on February 29, 2008.

Daytime Title Artist CD

  • A Summer Night's Dream/ Euge Groove/ Born 2 Groove
  • Stand on Your Head /Bill Carter /Stand on Your Head
  • More Than You Think /Derek Harris (Jeri Harris) /Amalgamation
  • Margarita Dance /Vince Madison/ Spice of Life
  • Friday's Child /Bradley Joseph /Hear The Masses
  • Believe/ Mark Krurnowski n/a
  • Lily /Boney James /Trust
  • Broad Street /George Howard /Love and Understanding
  • Her Poetry/ Lao Tizer /Lao Tizer Live
  • Rose Colored Glasses /Bradley Joseph/ Hear The Masses
  • Restless Heart /Chris Geith /Timeless World
  • Waves of Life /Chris Geith /Timeless World
  • Tequilla Time/ Patrick Yandall / Eyes of Mars
  • Of Two Cities /Patrick Yandall / Of Two Cities
  • Together Again /Dave Koz/ The Dance

Primetime Title Artist CD

  • Reptile/ Eric Clapton/ Reptile
  • Her Poetry/ Lao Tizer/ Lao Tizer Live
  • Before Dawn/ Joyce Cooling /Keeping Cool
  • Sacrifice/ SounDoctrine/ Endurance
  • Boyz in the Wood /SounDoctrine /Endurance
  • Roadrunner /Boney James /Trust
  • Lily /Boney James /Trust
  • Waves of Life /Chris Geith /Timeless World
  • Sun Kiss/ Ryan Farish n/a
  • Forever Loving You /Ryan Farish n/a

Overnight Title Artist CD

  • Through The Night/ Doug Markley n/a
  • Riding the Wind / Chris Ball Monterey
  • Joy of Being /Joseph Akins /Masterpeace
  • Have I told you Lately/ Chris Geith /Timeless World
  • Luna/ Chris Geith / Timeless World
  • Know You By Heart /Dave Koz /The Dance
  • Let me hold you /Ron Thornton Valentine n/a
  • Straight, No Chaser /Thelonious Monk /Jazz: The Definitive Performances
  • Imagine /Main Gazane /Imagine
  • Before Dawn /Joyce Cooling /Keeping Cool

New ArtistsEdit

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