ESPN Deportes Radio is a Spanish language sports radio network created & produced by Disney-owned ESPN. Programming includes call-in talk shows & commentary from hosts about a full range of sporting events, including soccer, American football, baseball & boxing.

The network has stations in 12 states (Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Washington & Wisconsin) & is available nationally on Sirius Satellite Radio on ch. 91.

It features sports news & talk in Spanish, with a special emphasis on soccer. Popular personalities on the network include Jorge Ramos, Armando Talavera, Hernan Pereira, Jairo Moncado, Armando Aguayo, Rolando "El Veloz" Gonzales, Noel Vazquez, Celso Gaspar, Miguel Angel Cebreros & Jairo Alva.

ESPN Deportes as well as it's english counterpart ESPN Radio were retained by Disney in the sale of ABC Radio to Citadel Broadcasting. Despite the change in ownership, ESPN Radio & ESPN Deportes are still listed as part of the ABC Radio family.

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