College Football Today is a show that airs weekdays on SportsChannel or SportsChannel-2. It's premiere was on Monday July 23rd, 2007


College Football Today aims to be the most fan-interactive show on TV, featuring email questions & video segments sent in by fans on every show. After the opening music & graphics, the show shifts into the SC side studio & the host & analysts open the show debating a top story of the day. After their segment has completed, they send it to an insider on the situation who gives their take on it & breaks other information. Then, the segment "Your Opinions" takes place & questions sent in by viewers are answered by the personalities. After this segment, there are 2 rotating blocks, which on some days are 2 interviews but on other days, could be debate, highlights or BREAKING NEWS.

At some point during the broadcast, the segment "EA Sports Simulator" is shown. In this segment, a key game is simulated on the video game NCAA Football '08 & highlights & score are shown. After this, a short debate segment is held before the closing segment "Extra Points" which is the same as "Your Opinions" except done with a timer. The show is supposed to be the college version of NFL TONIGHT, but is actually more similar to NASCAR NOW in that it focuses more on guests & debate than BREAKING NEWS. It's also similar to the show in that the analysts do not appear on the whole program & only appear for the debate segments

By the dayEdit

  • Monday: "The Insiders" weighing in with the latest news, reaction & analysis from the weekend's games & a look back @ the best plays of the weekend
  • Tuesday: LIVE interviews with coaches
  • Wednesday: "Conference Calls" with college football reporters from around the country
  • Thursday: "Recruiting Trail" providing the latest news on the top high school recruits & a LIVE preview of SC’s Thursday night game from game announcers
  • Friday: Picks & previews of Saturday’s top games w/ the College Football Today crew LIVE from the location of Saturday’s show & A LIVE preview of SC’s Friday night game


  • Senior Thesis: follows several top senior players through a personal video diary
  • Sound Off: will feature home viewer-generated video on varopis topics
  • Live Feedback: Fans post comments online during the program & have them posted LIVE on-air
  • Extra Points: Analysts answer e-mails & questions @ the end of each show

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