College Football News is a TV program that airs on NFL TV. The program contains news & information about college football

Brief show historyEdit

  • The show debuted on August 21st, 2007 @ 6:30 PM ET. NFL TV debuted this program on a day in which College Football TONIGHT, a similar show on SportsChannel, was preempted due to coverage of the 2007 Little League World Series
  • On September 4th, NFL TV moved the program to 6:00 PM ET, leading into the new talk show Put Up Your Dukes
  • On August 19th 2008, the show returned after a hiatus. It has been expanded to 1-hour & Put Up Your Dukes has been cancelled


The program features interviews with players, coaches & media members. Many of the interviews with the media come from websites affiliated with News on the recruiting process is also part of the show

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