College Football Final is a 1-hour program totally devoted to college football & airs every Saturday night during the college football season. It's seen @ 12:00 AM ET on SportsChannel & lasts until 1:00 AM ET & the program re-airs @ 7:30 or 8:00 AM the next morning. It's similar to SC's Baseball Tonight, The NBA Scoreboard, NFL TONIGHT & College GameDay Basketball, except that it only appears once a week. The program breaks down the days' games with highlights of all the biggest games, analysis of the BIG stories & a look ahead to next weeks' match-ups. The program is presented in HD on SC-HD, except for the on site reports


  • Highlights is the part when they run down all of the biggest games of the day in college football from the top 25 to the rivalries & is usually the longest segment
  • The Game Changing Performance is the part of the show when all the analysts tell who they thought had the biggest game changing performance
  • The Helmet Stickers is when each of the panelists, including the host, give out 2 helmet stickers to the players in their mind deserve it the most
  • Football Final Thoughts is when they send it out LIVE to the College Football Today gang, where ever they are that week, for the host & the analysts to give their final thoughts on all the happening around the world of college football
  • Lasting Impressions is when the host & the analysts deliver a monologue with their overall thoughts about the day's games or events from around the country
  • The Garage is a segment similar to The Ultimate Highlight on SportsCenter, in which they run all of the best plays of the day while music is playing in the background
  • Poll Movements is a segment when the people on the show move teams up or down in the polls before they come out on Sunday as to how a team played that day so if a team is ranked #5 & loses they predict or give their opinions as to where they think that team should be ranked
  • The BIG Play is when the analysts break down a specific play from a game. The play is telestrated & frozen @ key points to provide analysis of why the play was successful or unsuccessful
  • The Final Verdict a segment where the host is a judge & presents a case in which the analysts are to argue over & the winner is decided by the host

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