Canada 360
Broadcast Canada
United States
Branding Canada 360
Frequency XM 96
First air date 2005-11-17
Format News radio
Class Satellite Radio Station
Affiliations Wise Broadcasting
Broadcast News
Owner XM Radio Canada
Website Canada 360 Info Page

Canada 360 is a Canadian 24-hour news radio station, which airs on XM Satellite Radio ch. 96. The station is primarily a loop of news programming, part of which is sourced from Wise Broadcasting's terrestrial news stations & also from Broadcast News.

The channel is extremely low-fidelity audio @ approximately 4 kbit/s mono. This is because the channel is vocal audio only, much like XM's traffic & weather channels. On occasion, mostly for important national events, the channel's bitrate is increased to a higher fidelity rate.

On 2008-11-12, Canada 360 was moved from ch. 244 to ch. 96.

See also Quoi de Neuf

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