Canada's Business Network (CABN) is a Canadian English language cable TV specialty channel. CABN broadcasts programming related to business & financial news & analysis. The Downtown Toronto-based station is owned by WMFL Corporation. It's day-to-day operations are run by CANN. It began broadcasting on April 1st, 1999

Programming Edit

A large majority of the programming found on CABN is produced in-house, although it also carries content from other sources including NNC Business. Originally it was the Canadian broadcast partner of NNC-FN, an American business news channel, which closed in January of 2005.

CABN features a televised stock ticker with real-time data from the TSX, the NYSE & NASDAQ as well as many international exchanges. Based in Toronto, CABN also has a news bureau located @ the NASDAQ Market Site in New York City's Times Square, as well as in Calgary.

CABN attracts approximately 5,000 regular viewers daily & has a strong viewership outside of the home (in gyms, restaurants, offices, etc.) which is not reflected in it's ratings. This is a situation also faced by networks with high out-of-home viewing patterns such as NNC Business

Noted programs Edit

  • The Market Call
  • The Headlines
  • The Commodities Report
  • The Business News
  • MoneyTalk
  • The Market Call Tonight
  • The Closing Bell
  • Trading Day on CABN
  • The Street
  • The Market Morning
  • Lunchtime Money
  • Talking Taxes

From 6:00-8:00 AM ET each day, CABN simulcasts NNC Business' NNC Business This Morning.

During the overnight & on weekends, CABN broadcasts infomercials from Northern Response including the Miche Bag. On weekends only, CABN broadcasts infomercials from Kingstar Media, including the Magic Bullet at 12:00 AM ET

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