City of license Toronto, Ontario
Broadcast Toronto, Ontario
Branding CBC Radio 2
Frequency 94.1 MHz (FM)
First air date 1946
Format public broadcasting
Power 38 KW
Owner Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Webcast Listen Live to CBL-FM 94.1
Website CBC Toronto's Website

CBL-FM is the CBC Radio 2 station in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It broadcasts @ 94.1 on the FM dial & also serves Huntsville (FM 106.9), Orillia (FM 90.7), Peterborough (FM 103.9) & other locations in Ontario.

CBL-FM was launched in 1946, simulcasting CBL-AM on the FM band. It originally broadcast @ 99.1, but moved to 94.1 in 1966. (The 99.1 frequency was vacant until 1977, when it was assigned to the CKO radio network. CKO ceased operations in 1989 & the frequency was again vacant until it was assigned to CBLA-FM)

The CBC's FM network was strictly a simulcast of the AM network until 1960. In that year, distinct programming was launched on the FM network for the 1st time; this was discontinued in 1962 & resumed again in 1964. The FM network was rebranded CBC Stereo on November 3, 1975 & CBC Radio 2 in 1997.


CBL-FM has rebroadcast transmitters in the following communities:

City of licence Frequency Callsign
Huntsville 106.9 FM CBL-FM-1
Kingston 92.9 FM CBBK-FM
London 100.5 FM CBBL-FM
Orillia 90.7 FM CBL-FM-3
Owen Sound 97.1 FM CBL-FM-4
Paris 90.7 FM CBL-FM-2
Peterborough 103.9 FM CBBP-FM

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