Behind the Scenes of the NBS is a TV program on The NASCAR Channel. Every Monday, the show profiled some of the crews & drivers of NASCAR's Busch Series. Each 30-minute episode gave a look, not just @ those profiled during races, but behind-the-scenes as well. 2 of the many drivers looked @ on the show include Casey Atwood & David Stremme. The show premiered in February of 2004 & was a replacement for the failed Inside NBS, which was cancelled after just 1 season

Seasons Edit

Season 1: Featured teams were FitzBradshaw Racing, Braun Racing & Akins Motorsports (as well as their drivers, including Tim Fedewa, Kasey Kahne, David Stremme & Casey Atwood)

Season 2: The teams remained the same, however Fedewa, Atwood & Kahne were not featured. Stremme moved from FBR to Braun after previous driver Shane Hmiel's ban from the sport. Jason Leffler, Anthony Foyt IV & Joel Kauffman were part of the show in the latter part of season 2

Season 3: Attempting to capitalize on the rookie hype for the 2006 season, Behind the Scenes of the NBS changed it's name to Behind the Scenes of the NBS: The Rookies, again traveled with FitzBradshaw Racing & Akins Motorsports, but this time covered their rookies, Joel Kauffman & AJ Foyt IV. The show also looked @ the other 2006 Busch ROTY contenders (including Danny O'Quinn Jr, Todd Kluever & Burney Lamar)

On June 19th 2006, the show aired it's final episode

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