BTV Premier League Recap is an interactive TV programme on BTV Sports that shows extended highlights of every Premier League match played on the day. It regularly airs on Saturdays @ 8:25 PM GMT (3:25 PM ET)


The show 1st broadcasted on Saturday the 14th of August of 2004 @ 8:25 PM GMT (3:25 PM ET) with 2 main parts to the programme:

  • The Game of the Day: On-air @ 8:25 PM GMT (3:25 PM ET) with the full 90 minutes of a match selected from the day's 3:00 PM GMT (10:00 AM ET) kick-offs. The decision on the Game of the Day is made after 5:00 PM GMT (12:00 PM ET) every Premier League match day & is announced on Football Saturday by the Premier League Recap presenter
  • Match Choice: At 10:15 PM GMT (5:15 PM ET), a choice from extended highlights of every game played that day except for matches shown LIVE on SportsChannel (UK) that day. Viewers on the BTV Digital platform can choose extended highlights of up to 8 games. Viewers who do not use the interactive service or do not have BTV Digital, will see 50 minutes of highlights from 1 match

After a full Match Choice, the programme's presenter along with a studio guest, usually a footballer, discuss the main developments of the day

Restrictions Edit

The match choice service is only available to UK & Ireland viewers, who subscribe to BTV Digital.

If more than 8 matches are played on 1 match day, such as the final day of the season, 1 game is broadcast on the main channel (i.e. the 1 that non-interactive viewers watch) & is not included on the interactive service. If more than 8 games still need to be offered, any games that were shown LIVE on BTV Sports are not offered interactively

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