BTV News @ 6:00 (although more commonly known & referred to as The 6:00 News) is the evening news programme broadcast each night on British TV channel BTV 1 & on the BTV News channel from 6:00-6:30 PM GMT (1:00-1:30 PM ET). For a long period of time, BTV News @ 6:00 was the most watched news programme in the UK, but since 2006: has been taken over by BTV News @ 10:00. On average it pulls in 4 million viewers, 1 million less than BTV News @ 10:00

History Edit

The programme launched on the 3rd of September of 1984.

On the 10th of May of 1999, the bulletin was relaunched along with the rest of the BTV News programmes. On the 20th of January of 2003, the bulletin was relaunched along with the rest of BTV 1's news bulletins.

Since April of 2005, the programme has formed the 1st half hour of The BTV 6:00 Newshour on the BTV News Channel. The subsequent half-hour consists of business & sport updates presented from within the News channel studio by 1 of the News Channel presenters. As before, the bulletin still completes @ 6:30 PM GMT (1:30 PM ET) before splitting off to regional news programmes on BTV 1.

A 90-second update @ 8:00 PM GMT (3:00 PM ET) is broadcast on BTV 1 on Monday-Sunday. This consists of 60 seconds on national & international news, followed by another 30 seconds focusing on regional news.

In the 4th of February of 2008, the programme moved studios from N6 to TC7, as part of a restructuring across BTV News. On the 21st of April of 2008, the programmes along with the rest of BTV News underwent a refresh, taking on new titles & a new set as well as being renamed BTV News @ 6:00

BTV News @ 6:00 on weekendsEdit

On weekends, the evening bulletin is branded simply BTV News, as it airs @ no set time


Unlike the other BTV News bulletins, which are broadcast from the BTV News Channel (Studio N6), BTV News @ 6:00 is broadcast from TC7 of the BTV Centre, also the home of BTV Newsnight & The Politics Show. The current design of set was introduced in May of 2006, the latest design of titles in April of 2008. The programme is occasionally broadcast from the BTV News Channel Studio (N6).

Within the last few minutes of each bulletin, a full national weather forecast is shown from the BTV WeatherCentre

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