BTV News @ 1:00 is the afternoon news bulletin from BTV. Produced by BTV News, the programme is broadcast on BTV 1 & on the BTV News channel daily @ 1:00 PM GMT (8:00 AM ET).

Like BTV News @ 6:00 & BTV News @ 10:00, the programme is presented by a single newsreader.

BTV News @ 1:00 achieved an average reach of 2.7 million viewers per bulletin, making it the most watched programme on UK daytime TV


The 1:00 News launched on the 27th of October of 1986 together with the daytime TV service on BTV 1 serving as a replacement to the BTV News Afternoon programme.

A new look across all of BTV News' TV output in the 10th of May of 1999 meant that for the 1st time, all the main bulletins on BTV 1 had the same look, the only exception being the title of the programme.

On the 22nd of January of 2007, the programme titles were relaunched, along with the rest of the BTV output, to give an identical series of titles across news programming on all of the BTV channels.

In the 4th of February of 2008, the programme temporarily moved studios, from N6 to N8 (the BTV News channel studio), as part of restructuring across BTV News. On the 21st of April of 2008, the programme underwent a graphical refresh & returned to the refurbished N6 as well as changing it's name to BTV News @ 1:00

BTV News @ 1:00 on weekendsEdit

On Saturday, the programme which is simply branded as BTV News instead of BTV News @ 1:00, is presented by a BTV News Channel presenter on @ that time & usually airs @ 12:00 Noon GMT (7:00 AM ET).

On Sundays, excluding periods when Parliament is in recess, there are no separate lunchtime bulletins. Instead a news update @ the start of The BTV Politics Show includes the main news headlines, including a report. This short update is presented by a duty BTV News Channel presenter, often a member of the Saturday bulletin team


Within the last few minutes of each programme, a full national weather forecast is presented within the BTV News studio

The 1:00 BTV NewshourEdit

BTV News @ 1:00 has been shown on the BTV News channel since April of 2006, making up the 1st half-hour of BTV News @ 1:00. Significant differences can be seen between the 2 halves of the programme, as the 2nd half is presented by the News Channel presenters. During the headlines & the 'coming up' section, BTV 1 viewers will see a preview of the stories to come from their region, while BTV News viewers will see sports headlines. Between 12:45-2:00 PM GMT (7:45-9:00 AM ET), BTV News has a service providing in-vision British Sign Language for those viewers with hearing difficulties

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