BTV News @ 10:00 (also known as The BTV 10:00 News or more commonly, The 10:00 News) is the flagship evening news programme for British TV channel BTV 1 & the BTV News channel. It's the final comprehensive news programme of the day on BTV 1. The programme was controversially moved from 9:00 PM on the 16th of October of 2000.

It's broadcast Monday-Sunday from 10:00-10:30 PM GMT (5:00-5:30 PM ET) & features 25 minutes of British national & international news, with an emphasis on the latter. It incorporates 5 minutes of news from BTV's regions around the UK @ around 10:25 PM GMT (5:25 PM ET).

BTV News @ 10:00 is currently the most watched news programme in the UK, averaging 5 million viewers each night


The programme was launched on the 16th of October of 2000, replacing the former The BTV 9:00 News, which had been on the air since the 14th of September of 1970.

On Monday the 20th of January of 2003, the bulletin & the rest of BTV 1 news bulletins were relaunched with a new studio.

Since the 5th of February of 2006, the bulletin has been simulcast on the BTV News channel as part of The BTV 10:00 Newshour. This consists of the BTV 1 bulletin for the 1st half-hour, with the 2nd half coming from the News channel studio. It includes a paper, sport & business review.

From the 21st of April of 2008, the programme along with the rest of BTV News, underwent a graphical refresh & moved into a refurbished studio. It also changed it's name to BTV News @ 10:00.

After the regional news, there is a weather forecast from the BTV WeatherCentre.

BTV News @ 10:00 has been named News Programme of the Year by the Royal TV Society on numerous occasions, most recently in 2005, 2009 & again in 2010

Out Of StudioEdit

As well as presenting from the studio, the main presenters are called upon to present on location when major stories break. For example, a BTV Newsreader reported LIVE from Washington for the 2008 US Presidential Elections & has presented LIVE from Basra for the withdrawal ceremony

BTV News @ 10:00 on weekendsEdit

The weekend bulletin is branded simply BTV News, as it doesn't air @ 10:00 on most weeks

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