BTV News+ was a news programme on BTV News+ which ran between 8:00-10:00 PM GMT (3:00-5:00 PM ET) Monday-Friday between July of 2006-February of 2007.

The show started on the 10th of July of 2006, after a change in the channel's line-up. It replaced BTV World News+ TONIGHT & then an hour of BTV News+. It was an interactive show which encouraged viewers to contribute by using webcams & 3G phones to send video messages or by email or SMS to send in comments or join in debates about the day's main news stories. The format changed in the event of BREAKING NEWS & the show had different graphics & strings to other BTV News+ shows.

Following the cancellation of the show in February of 2007, the show was replaced with BTV News, Sport & Weather, a show giving viewers 15-minute updates on the Latest News & Sport headlines as well as updated Weather forecasts

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