AutoWeek is an American TV automotive magazine series. The award-winning program premiered in 1980. AutoWeek is produced by & is seen on The NASCAR Channel.

Each year AutoWeek puts more than 150 new cars, trucks & SUV's to the test, providing consumer-oriented vehicle reviews. It's video "To the Road" segments focus on performance, technology, practicality & dollar value & feature AutoWeek’s exclusive energy efficient rating system which compares each vehicle’s fuel economy to the best-rated vehicle in it's class.

As of Winter of 2010 (Season 30), the show is now available in HD

Programming segmentsEdit

  • "To the Road": A Vehicle review segment
  • "Car Keys": Quick reviews of new vehicles
  • "A Long Term Test Update": Test results for vehicles previously reviewed by AutoWeek
  • "Going Over the Edge": Features the automotive industry on overdrive
  • "The Auto Gear": Automotive gadget
  • "For Your Information": A Consumer segment
  • "Taking the High Road": Automotive looks from the past & present

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