Programming that airs on Australia's WeatherCentre in Australia

Current ProgramsEdit

Australia Weather NOWEdit

Time: On The Hour & Half-Hour
Format: The latest national weather forecasts & news

Weekend Weather View Edit

Time: Weekends from 1:00-4:00 PM

The Days AheadEdit

Format: Weather news & forecasts giving the most relevant weather in details as well as regional city/town forecasts for the next 2 days

State CityscapesEdit

Format: Part-day forecasts for tomorrow for the state capitals across Australia


Time: Quarter past the hour
Format: Dam levels, water restrictions & more

Weather, Around the WorldEdit

Time: Quarter to every hour
Format: International Weather News & weather forecasts for major cities around the world

The World LIVEEdit

Time: Close to the hour, every hour
Format: A selection of LIVE cameras around the world with popular music playing

The Beach & Surf ReportEdit

Time: :20 past the hour
Format:Temperature, wind & tidal information

The Snow ReportEdit

Time: During the Winter months @ :20 to the hour
Format: Conditions on the ski fields of New South Wales & Victoria

Country SkiesEdit

Time: 12:30, 5:30 & 11:30 PM EST
Format: Information on the drought & temperature forecast for farmers


The Cold & Flu ReportEdit

Time: Winter Months
Format: Cold & Flu temperature forecasts

The Pollen ReportEdit

Time: Spring months
Format: Hay fever & pollen count information

Fujitsu Hot SpotEdit

Time: Summer months
Format: Gives the location & temperature of the hottest place in each state

Fujitsu Cold SpotEdit

Time: Winter months
Format: Gives the location & temperature of the coldest place in each state

Former ProgrammingEdit

This is Australian WeatherEdit

Format: Weather stories, climate information, temperature & rain information, farming information, events calendar & more

Running on EmptyEdit

Format: Information on dam levels, the drought history of Australia & new water technology such as desalination

Weather DirectEdit

Time: Every 10 minutes
Format: Weather information & statistics for states & capital cities

28-Day Rain CheckEdit

Format: 28-day rain check for each capital city

Your Australian Weather TodayEdit

Time: Weekdays from 6:00-10:00 AM
Format: The day's weather forecast & news

The Wild World of WeatherEdit

Time: Nightly @ 7:30 PM & replayed the following day @ 1:00 PM
Format: Extreme, true weather stories

Actions on Earth's ClimateEdit

Format: Water & energy saving information


Format: A weather question with multiple choice answers which is given after an ad-break

Weather Pet TipsEdit

Format: Tips to keep your pets safe from the weather

BIG Ideas for a Small PlanetEdit

Time: 7:00 & 12:00 PM daily
Format: Ways we can help the Earth

That's an Angry Earth! Edit

Time: 7:00 & 12:00 PM daily
Format: The Earth's most extreme phenomena are explained

External links Edit

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