Australia's WeatherCentre is an Australian 24-hour cable & satellite channel that broadcasts weather news & information. Australia's WeatherCentre is available on Foxtel, Austar & Optus TV


Australia's WeatherCentre started broadcasting on January 1st, 1999 by American-based WMFL Corporation, under their division unit: WMFL Worldwide. The programming was pitched to Austar's largely rural & regional audience. Presenters were LIVE from 6:00 AM-10:00 PM daily with the overnight programming consisting of an automated loop of forecasts, satellite & radar covered by music.

In 2003, the channel's programming evolved to better suit the now largely metropolitan audience. With the launch of Foxtel's Digital platform, the channel has extended it's distribution with an Open TV interactive weather application (Weather Active).

In 2004, Australia's WeatherCentre had a major change including their logo, graphics & programming line-up & a new version of Weather Active for Foxtel Digital.

In the middle of June of 2008, Australia's WeatherCentre again had a major change with their graphics as the channel grows on it's programming line-up.

Weather content on the channel is provided by Metra & The Bureau of Meteorology (Australia)

Digital ServicesEdit

On Foxtel & Austar Digital Services, an interactive weather service called 'Weather Active' is available.

It provides local weather information, such as current conditions, marine & surf reports, dam information, 28-day rain forecast, capital city forecast & 10-day forecasts for the user's postcode. It also provides a state radar, national satellite & a national lightning tracker


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