This playlist started on August 3, 2008, and ended September 1, 2008.



  • Open Sky-Ryan Farish-Wonderfall
  • Sunshine-Ryan Farish-Wonderfall
  • Metropolis-Chris Geith-Someday Somehow
  • Carefree-Steve Glotzer-N/A
  • Lazy Day-Steve Glotzer-N/A
  • On my Own-Yvonne Ayers-N/A
  • Summer Fragrance-Yvonne Ayers-N/A
  • Lake Effect-Yvonne Ayers-N/A
  • Cold Comfort-Jeanne Ricks-N/A
  • Comfort Zone-Judd Smith-N/A
  • Flow-Richard Smith-Flow
  • The Open Road-Romantic interludes(Eric Darken)-Sunday Drive
  • Gaviotas-Patrick Yandall-Laws of Groovity
  • Just for the Moment-Eric Darius-Goin' All Out
  • No Limits-Nick Colionne-No Limits


  • Skip It-Steve Glotzer-N/A
  • Winter-Ryan Farish-Wonderfall
  • U Should've Told Me-Jeanne Ricks- N/A
  • Familiar Strangers-Jeanne Ricks-N/A
  • Rendezvous-Eric Marienthal-Turn the Heat Up
  • Sugar-Eric Marienthal-Turn the Heat Up
  • Midnight Air-Kent Marcum- The Journey
  • Heart Song- Al Williams III- Heart Song
  • Golden Soul- Lao Tizer- Golden Soul
  • South of Market- Joyce Cooling- Playing It Cool


  • Quiet Little Thing- Jeanne Ricks- N/A
  • On the Horizon- Howard Isaacson-N/A
  • Winter-Ryan Farish- Wondeerfall
  • Natural Stories- Chris Geith- Someday Somehow
  • Backroads- Romantic Interludes (Eric Darken)- Sunday Drive
  • More Than You Know- Romantic Interludes (Eric Darken) - Sunday Drive
  • Playtime- Kent Marcum- Playtime
  • Warm Summer Night- Lisa Hilton- Midnight in Manhattan
  • In Your Own Sweet Way- Miles Davis- Collectors Items
  • Something You Said- David Benoit- Professional Dreamer

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