ATV News New Zealand is a rebroadcast of ATV News however carries the NZ branding & appears on SKY Television. The programming is nearly identical to ATV News, except for a nightly bulletin + a twice weekly afternoon one, being produced in New Zealand

History Edit

In the late 1990s, ATV News started broadcasting in New Zealand, replacing BTV News & BTV News+ from the UK. Shortly afterwards, ATV News New Zealand was launched, with a small amount of New Zealand-specific content.

In late 2005, SKY Television purchased Prime TV & in 2006, relaunched it's local nightly news programme Prime News: First @ 5:30. This was previously produced in the Sydney ATV News studio. The relaunch included establishing a local news team, moving production of the show to studios in Auckland & a new weekday presenter. The programme is identical to ATV News, using the same graphics & music & provides nightly local news headlines on ATV News New Zealand. ATV News in New Zealand does not include the 'active' services available in Australia.

In March of 2007, ATV News announced a new news programme which would be produced by Prime TV in New Zealand titled ATV News NZ Evening News. ATV News NZ Evening News aired @ 7:00 PM local time & was repeated twice through the evening @ 8:30 PM & 9:00 PM local time. This was replaced with repeat showings of Prime News in 2009.

It was originally thought that ATV News New Zealand would begin broadcasting in widescreen from April 26th, 2009. But was delayed until May 17th, 2009


Local ProgrammingEdit

  • NZ Newsweek, every Friday & Saturday afternoons @ 2:30 PM
  • ATV News NZ Evening News, which airs @ 7:00 PM & repeats @ 8:00 PM

Other ProgrammingEdit

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